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I make 'em say:

Jonathan was very responsive and accommodating. He was fast to reply and delivery what was asked. He is very receptive for comments and won't give up until you're happy with the results. It was a real pleasure working with him. 

 Jonathan was absolutely AMAZING! He was extremely prompt and accommodating for our rounds of tweaks to our script. Couldn't have asked for a better person to work with! 

 Well done and fast delivery! 

 Great voice and professional attitude. We asked Jonathan to pronounce a specific word in another language (other than English), for a project, he didn't hesitat[e] and delivered what was expected.

Very much recommended. 

Great voice, good recording quality, really went the extra mile to understand the direction for the project and deliver something in line with what we were going for.

Jonathan did an excellent job! I am very impressed by his talent and work ethic. Thank you, Jonathan!

How I wow clients

My secret is good old-fashioned customer service: say what you mean, mean what you say, keep your promises.  Make somebody's day better after interacting with you.

By communicating clearly and properly manage expectations, I make interactions as easy as possible for my clients. The only surprise they should have is how easy it actually was. 

There is no better long-term business strategy than integrity.

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